Why would I join? What would it do for me?

We're in the early stages of planning a cooperative, but here are a few of the ideas we have about how we'll meet the tech aspirations of activist and community organizations.

  • I have an outdated website and I'd like an easy way to make the move to a content management system.

    The coop will help you select the free software that best fits your specific project and needs and support you all the way from planning to launch and beyond.

  • I have a Drupal site but I wish i could get more functionality without paying for custom development.

    The coop will include top users and contributors in the widely-used Drupal software with up to ten years and more experience.

  • I want software that's sustainable and well-maintained.

    The coop will provide a solid home for Open Outreach and, potentially, other free tech projects.

  • I want a tech team with a proven track record--people who've been there and know the solutions inside out.

    The coop initiators include people who are recognized leaders in open source software and have deep roots in the nonprofit, activist, and cooperative movements.

  • I want to know that if I need to upgrade in the future I won't be left high and dry.

    The coop will provide straightforward options for long-term maintenance and upgrading. We want groups to get a long life out of their website through fixes, upgrades and feature additions rather than starting fresh every couple of years.

  • I want a website that's in my own language.

    The coop will work to solidify translations for the Open Outreach project so that more users can easily access this solution in their own language.

  • Sometimes there's specific functionality I'd like, Sure, my group can contribute to the costs, but we can't pay for it all by ourselves.

    The coop will facilitate the pooling of resources so that many groups can collectively pay for the creation of new features that can be used by all.

  • There's a lot I can figure out for myself, but when I get stuck I'd like somewhere to turn to for help.

    The coop will act as a clearing house for both professional and peer support, ranging from a support forum to more in-depth fee for service to work with members on their particular issues.

  • I've struggled a bit with hosting and would like some support there.

    The coop will team with hosting providers to ensure that members groups are receiving the hosting services that best meet their needs within the budget they have.

  • I'd like a customized version that I can use for all the branches of our organization.

    The coop will explore options for customizing Open Outreach to meet the specific needs of organizations with many chapters or branches for which a differentiated tool is needed.

  • I know there's probably more I could do with my website but I'm not sure how.

    The coop will focus on training, skills building and support--all of which will expand groups' ability to make the most of their site.

  • Our organization needs help with training especially when we have staff or volunteer turnover.

    The coop will assist groups with on-going training opportunities and will be able to assist in the difficult task of transitioning to a new technical lead for the organization.

  • I'd like some custom work done on my site that fits well with what is already there.

    The coop will provide member groups access to the creators and developers of Open Outreach who are best placed to develop customizations of the software they developed.

  • I have a Drupal site but I wish could get more functionality without paying for custom development.

    The coop will help groups with the upgrading process of turning an existing Drupal site into an Open Outreach site and thereby accessing its many features and robust functionality.